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Risk Factors for Blood Clots and Pulmonary Embolisms after Spine Surgery

Deep venous thrombosis (DVT), also known as a blood clot, and pulmonary embolism (PE) are two possible complications that can occur within 30 days after spine surgery. A study in the upcoming issue of Spine examined data from over 27,000 patients who underwent lumbar or cervical spine surgery. Of these patients, 170 (0.6%) experienced a […]

Newsletter Issue 2

Check out the new issue of our newsletter! It includes an easy exercise tip for neck pain, as well as a glimpse into what our research team at Georgia Spine has been up to. Newsletter Issue 2

Comparing the Preoperative Expectations of Spinal Surgery Between Patients and Surgeons

A study in this month’s issue of Spine compared the expectations of the benefits of spine surgery between patients and their surgeons. At the pre-operative appointment, 225 patients and their surgeons individually completed a survey that asked each to describe their “realistic” expectations about the outcome of the surgery. These outcomes included back/neck pain, leg/arm […]

What are the Chances the Surgery will be Successful?

“Doc, what are the chances that the surgery will be successful”? This is one of the most commonly-asked questions by patients who are considering spine surgery. The answer depends on a number of factors, starting with how a “successful surgery” is defined.  To keep things simple, let’s assume that a “successful surgery” has: A low […]

Dr. Khajavi on How Spine Surgeons Can Get Involved in Research

Becker’s Spine Review consults with Dr. Khajavi on how spine surgeons can make significant contributions to spine research. In this Q&A, Dr. Khajavi answers questions about the future of spine research, resources available to surgeons interested in pursuing a research project and more. You can read the full article here: How All Spine Surgeons Can […]