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Byrd Evans

Patient Byrd Evans talks to us today. He is 4 years post-surgery from L3-4 stand-alone lateral ALIF for discogenic low back pain. His surgery and follow-up care was entirely uncomplicated and he has no more back pain. In fact, he says his pain has really been gone ever since the surgery. New x-rays show a […]

20 Facts About the Spine

The spinal column – or backbone – is instrumental to the strength, support, flexibility and range of movement our bodies possess. It’s a complicated structure, with many interconnected and interdependent components. Here are 20 facts about the spine, some of which you may find surprising. 1. When we’re born, our spines consist of 33 individual […]

Patient Testimony

        Ileana Esquivel is feeling better than ever! She was able to happily celebrate Mother’s Day recently, free of the pain and discomfort that prevented her from reveling in life for almost an entire year. Her debilitating symptoms included low back pain and severe leg pain that prevented her from walking without […]

Early Predictors of Lumbar Spine Surgery After Occupational Back Injury

Objective. To identify early predictors of lumbar spine surgery within 3 years after occupational back injury. Conclusion. Baseline variables in multiple domains predicted lumbar spine surgery. There was a very strong association between surgery and first provider seen for the injury even after adjustment for other important variables. Read entire article here: Early Predictors of […]

Data Table (Lumbar Decompression)