Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Explained

Chronic pain in your wrist and hands can sometimes be a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome. This pain can change throughout the day, emerging from a tingling sensation to sharp stinging, through median nerve irritation. Almost anyone can develop carpal tunnel, especially if you type or work manual labor for a living.

Wrist Anatomy

Within your wrist is a space, allowing tendons and the large, median nerve to stretch from the arm to the hand. When this space or carpal tunnel is compressed, the nerve is effectively pinched by the surrounding ligaments and bones. Relief is typically found when you keep your hand and forearm held in a straight line. The tendons and nerve have ample space, allowing normal feeling to return to your fingers.

Common Scenario Causes

If you are a computer programmer, you spend most of your day typing. If you allow your wrists to sag, rather than holding them in line with your hands and arms, the median nerve is immediately pinched. Although you may not notice a difference initially, consistent poor hand and wrist posture may contribute to chronic carpal tunnel syndrome. Workers using vibratory tools, such as jackhammers, on a daily or weekly basis can compress the median nerve as well. The jarring impacts stress the nerve at the wrist junction, causing tingling and pain.

Home Treatment

If you notice a slight pain in your wrists, pay close attention to your daily habits. Take a look at your typing posture and purchase ergonomic tools to help you ease carpal tunnel problems, such as a keyboard wrist rest. It is possible to reverse the effects if you catch the pain early. For more chronic issues, you can use ice packs for swelling. However, a doctor’s visit may be in order to verify the condition’s severity.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is common in today’s computer-driven world. Be aware of your body position throughout the day to stay healthy and pain-free.

If you are suffering from symptoms similar to those of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, call us today to see if we can help!