How Long Does It Take To Recover From Minimally Invasive Back Surgery?

The thought of back surgery in the past conjured up images of pain lasting up to a year or more. Through medical advancements, patients with minor to severe back problems can elect for a minimally invasive surgery to reduce recovery time to as little as 6 weeks. Issues as varied as scoliosis and herniated discs are quickly resolved under the training of a talented doctor using specialized cameras for a view inside your body.

Traditional Versus Minimally Invasive

Traditional, open surgery required a 6-inch incision into soft tissue to access the spine during surgery. Because of the large incision, this surgery took many months for a full recovery. Soft tissues and muscle need time to heal during this period. Minimally invasive techniques use several small incisions in the torso. Doctors place their tools in the openings and perform the surgery with the help of a tiny camera guiding their view. The lack of soft tissue damage makes minimally invasive techniques easier on the body, allowing for fast recuperation.

Heading Home

You do not need to stay in the hospital for a week or longer after minimally invasive surgery. For most back surgeries, doctors perform the procedure in the morning and you are discharged later in the day. Issues like infection or excessive bleeding are rare, but you are still observed for the day to ensure that the surgery was successful. Bone fusion procedures usually require a two to three day stay at the hospital, however. This complex procedure needs more evaluation time before allowing you to return home.

Home Recovery

Although you’ll be given pain medication, minimally invasive surgery has less pain associated with it. After one to two weeks, office workers could conceivably return to a part-time position. For other workers, full activity is often achieved after a six week recovery period. Each patient has varying healing times, so it is critical to work with your doctor to form a unique recovery plan and ensure proper health.

Fusion Procedures

Because of its complexity, bone fusion recovery times are often longer than other procedures. For example, returning to an office job typically takes up to six weeks of recovery. Bone is healing to become s solid structure, but it takes many months to fully fuse. Your days may be full with physical therapy to help the back stay in an aligned position.

Physical Therapy Influence

Depending on the procedure, you’ll start physical therapy after two weeks of recovery time. You must train your body to use the back muscles for proper movement through specific exercises and stretches. Fusion procedures often require therapy in the form of sitting and standing. Therapy used to be painful with traditional surgeries, but minimally invasive techniques reduce the pain factor and allow you to perform the exercises easily. Your recovery time is significantly reduced as a result. Pain plays a major role when it comes to a positive attitude in physical therapy.

Talk to your doctor about your particular health situation before deciding on a procedure. For a better outlook on your health, visit two to three doctors for separate opinions. Each doctor may have a different perspective on procedure and recovery. Doctors with many years of practice offer you the best chance at a fast recovery. With tiny incisions and intricate spinal surgery, your body should recover within a few weeks without much pain or medication.