Dr. Khajavi Featured as a Leader in Minimally Invasive Scoliosis Surgery

Dr. Kaveh Khajavi is one of 12 surgeons currently featured on Becker’s Spine Review as leaders in minimally invasive scoliosis surgery.

Scoliosis, which is an abnormal curvature of the spine, affects an estimated 15% of individuals over the ageof 60. Georgia Spine has been treating this condition using minimally invasive techniques since 2004, and our success is evidenced by low complication rates, significant improvements in clinical outcomes (pain, disability, quality of life), and high patient satisfaction. For more information on data regarding our surgical outcomes, please contact [email protected]

You can read more about Dr. Khajavi’s work on minimally invasive scoliosis surgery here:

12 Spine Surgeons Performing Minimally Invasive Scoliosis Surgery


Congratulations Dr. Khajavi!