Questions to Ask Your Neurosurgeon before Back Surgery

Questions to Ask Your Neurosurgeon before Back Surgery

Chronic back pain can be debilitating, and in severe cases, surgery is needed to correct the problem. However, before deciding what back surgery is right for you – or if surgery is necessary at all – you should be thoroughly inquisitive with your neurosurgeon.

Here are several questions to ask your neurosurgeon before back surgery.

  1. Is this my last resort to correct my back pain? Most neurosurgeons will explore as many options as possible before turning to an invasive operation. At Georgia Spine, we specialize in minimally invasive procedures, but it’s important all patients exhaust other resources before resorting to an operation.
  2. Explain the procedure, its risks and its benefits. Knowing what to expect before going in will help you be both physically and mentally prepared.
  3. What does the recovery process look like and how long will I be admitted to the hospital for the procedure? These types of questions will help you plan your time off work; travel needs; as well as assistance with daily routines during the initial healing period.
  4. You want to know that your neurosurgeon is 100% confident in his or her diagnosis. Test your surgeon’s mettle by requesting recommendations for second opinions. A confident surgeon should have no problem offering them.
  5. What if back surgery doesn’t correct my pain? Sometimes, in serious cases, one surgery may not be enough. You should have a clear idea of what lengths full treatment and recovery will require before embarking on the journey.
  6. What are the costs associated with the operation; will my insurance help me cover them; and do you offer any sort of financing? Back surgery is a complicated, thus expensive, surgery – be upfront with your neurosurgeon so you can budget for the related costs.
  7. What is your specific experience with this type of back surgery? Depending on your condition, your neurosurgeon will customize your surgery to your needs; however, knowing that he or she is familiar with your particular type of operation will give you great comfort.

If you’re suffering from back, pain, the team of experts at Georgia Spine understands, and with our combined years of experience, we can help identify and treat the root cause of your discomfort.

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