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GCA ’14 Fall Conference

Achieving spinal health with a minimally invasive approach involves a collaborative effort. Dr. Khajavi believes in the importance of working with his colleagues in all aspects of the medical arena, as long as the patient’s health remains as the top priority. Exploring conservative measures, such as chiropractic care, is a large facet of this belief. This […]

Do I Need Neck Surgery?

Chronic Neck Pain: What are my Options? If you suffer from neck pain, you may be considering surgery to reduce pain and restore quality of life. However, before undergoing surgery or other invasive procedures, it’s important to understand the source of your neck pain as well as other available treatment options. The following is an […]

10 Reasons to Consider Neck Surgery

While many patients experiencing neck pain can find relief through non-invasive treatments such as medication and physical therapy, there are frequently situations in which neck surgery is recommended as a more permanent solution. Neck surgery can involve a number of procedures, including cervical discectomy (removal of the damaged disc causing pain), cervical spinal fusion (inserting […]