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GCA ’14 Fall Conference

Achieving spinal health with a minimally invasive approach involves a collaborative effort. Dr. Khajavi believes in the importance of working with his colleagues in all aspects of the medical arena, as long as the patient’s health remains as the top priority. Exploring conservative measures, such as chiropractic care, is a large facet of this belief. This […]

Stretches To Help Lower Back Pain

Low back pain is an extremely common complaint. This pain can make it very difficult for people to complete their day to day activities. Fortunately, there are a number of stretches that can help alleviate lower back pain. Check out some of these recommended exercises: Feline Maneuver This stretch is also known as the cat […]

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain, or lumbago, is a very common ailment and the leading reason for emergency room visits in the United States. Almost 80% of Americans will have suffer from lumbar back pain at some point. While uncomfortable, lower back pain is not typically a serious ailment. Lumbago can affect anyone and is more prevalent […]